Thursday, March 26, 2009

Etsy Seller - The Vintage Supply Co

Tonight I came across an Etsy seller that you are really going to have to check out: The Vintage Supply Co. They specialize in 1940s-1970's clothing, accessories and household items. My kind of shop! Here are just a few examples of what they have to offer:

vintage 1960's green chiffon dress - $65
mod 1960's red and navy shoes - $60
vintage 1960's aqua and cream dress - $70

vintage tan Kangol mohair hat - $25
vintage 1960's red flower and paisley suitcase - $40
vintage 60's flower vinyl tote - $30

vintage 50's-60's black fold away cat eye glasses - $50
vintage 50's-60's gold aluminum cat eye glasses - $45
vintage aluminum elliptical shape glasses - $45

vintage 1950's rattan desk and matching chair - $499
mid-century modern coffee table with hairpin legs - $375

vintage 1960's-1970's Pyrex olive green flower nesting bowl set - $55
vintage mod 1960's cream accordion handbag - $45
vintage 1950's rockabilly purple gingham dress - $60

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