Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vintage Enamel Ware

My wonderful husband gave me this set of vintage enamel ware pans for Christmas. (mint in the box, even!) I love them! They are non-stick and you don't have to worry about teflon peeling off and accidentally ingesting it. Not only that but they go from stove top to table top so well with the removable handle. And I love the colors!

Well, since then I've started thinking about getting some additional pieces of enamel ware and came across Catherineholm designs.

The above pics are from the Flickr Pool Lovers of Cahterineholm Designs

"Lovely items with the ‘Lotus’ pattern created by Grete Prytz, a second wife of infamous Norvegian Designer Arne Korsmo. Grete Prytz Kittelsen was born 1917 in Oslo, Norway. Her designs have won many prestigious awards. She was one of most influential designers in Scandinavia in Mid-Century. In 2003, when she was already 86, Grete visited China, where she saw traditional Chinese enamel factory still in operation and which inspired her to start designing again. Chang & Biƶrck got exclusive rights to reproduce some of her design, among which a bowl and a plate, that she designed using similar colors as her original 1950s works. Cathrineholm of Norway started enamel production in 1907." (quote from Nordic Design Blog)

Now I have a new obsession. Time to go thrifting!

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